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Salesforce Online Training

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Course description

 its cloud platforms and applications, the company is best known for its Salesforce customer relationship management (CRM) product, which is composed of Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, Analytics Cloud, IoT Cloud, App Cloud, Health Cloud, Financial Services Cloud, Force.com, and Chatter. Rainbow training institute  offering salesfore online training and Class room Training


In this training we will cover Salesforce functional and Salesforce development And Admin.

Course Content

1.CRM Introduction

Ø  Introduction to CRM

Ø  What is CRM?

Ø  Common business issues faced by companies today

Ø  How CRM can help?

Ø  What CRM brings to business?

Ø  Evolution of CRM

Ø  Business value of CRM

Ø  Customers benefiting from CRM

Ø  A view of available of CRM products from IT industry

Ø  Compare Salesforce.com CRM with other CRM products


2.Introduction to cloud computing and Types of clouds

Ø  Private cloud

Ø  Public cloud

Ø  Hybrid cloud

Ø  Community cloud

Ø  What is Software-as-a-service (SAAS)

Ø  What is Platform-as-a-service (PAAS)

Ø  What is Infrastructure-as-a-service(IAAS)

Ø  What is Salesforce.com

3.Salesforce product.

Ø  •     Salesforce CRM editions

Ø  •     Salesforce.com Navigation and Architecture overview

 CRM Functionality in Salesforce


Ø  Lead Process

Ø  Lead Conversion

Ø  Lead Management


Ø  Opportunity management

Ø  Sales Process


Ø  Support Process

Ø  Web to case

Ø  Email to case

Standard Objects

Ø  Account

Ø  Contact

Ø  Lead

Ø  Campaign

Ø  Opportunity

Ø  Quote

Ø  Product

Ø  Case


1.Custom App development

Ø  Home page

Ø  Tabs

Ø  Apps

Ø  Record

Ø  Detail Page

Ø  Related lists and Sidebar

Ø  Custom Objects

Ø  Custom Fields

Ø  Custom Tabs

Ø  Define depend Pick lists

Ø  Customize Page Layouts


Ø  Master detail Relationship

Ø  Lookup Relation

Ø  Many to Many Relationship

3.Customized Fields

Ø  Rollup Summary

Ø  Formula Fields

4.Validation Rules

Ø  Creating validation Rules

Ø  Using cross object Formulae

5.Workflow Rules

Ø  Creating workflow rules

Ø  Types of actions

Ø  Immediate workflow actions

Ø  Time based workflow actions

Ø  Limitations in workflow rules

6.Email templates

Ø  •     Creating email templates

Ø  •     Types of email templates

Ø  •     Working with merge fields

7.Approval Process

Ø  •     Creating approval process

Ø  •     Use approval wizard   (Standard vs Jump wizard)

Ø  •     Unanimous , approvals

8.Page layouts and Record types

9.Security part

Ø  Role hierarchy


Ø  Sharing settings

Ø  Creating users

Ø  Profiles

Ø  Permission sets

9.1Securing and Sharing Data

Ø  Object-Level Security

Ø  Field- Level Security

Ø  Record-Level Security

Ø  Field Accessibility

Ø  Record Types

Ø  Going Global

Ø  Locale

Ø  Currencies

Ø  Advanced currency Management

Ø  Translating the User Interface

Ø  Import

Ø  Export


Ø  Custom reports

Ø  Types of reports

Ø  Dashboards

Ø  Import Data wizard

Ø  APEX Data Loader

Salesforce Development

Ø  Enable Developing mode

Ø  over View about Developer Console

  OOPS (Object-oriented programming)

Ø  MVC Architecture

Ø  OOPS  Basics

Ø  Variables

Ø  Data Types

Ø  Methods

Ø  Classes

                                1. Creation of Variables

                                                1. Getter Methods

                                                2. Setter Methods

                                2. Creation of Methods

                                3. with Sharing

                                4. With Out Sharing

Ø  Creation of Objects

Ø  Reference Variables




Ø  Basic apex programming

Ø  Variables

Ø  Loops

            1.For loop

            2.While loop

            3. Do while loop

Introduction to developer console





Executing Apex programs using developer console

Ø  SOQL Queries

Ø  SOSL Queries

Ø  Apex classes

Ø  Apex triggers

Ø  Apex methods

Ø  Constructors

Ø  Test classes for Apex classes

Ø  Test classes for Triggers

Ø  Trigger best practices

Ø  Schedule Apex

Ø  Batch Apex

Ø  Custom labels

Ø  Governing limits for SOQL

Ø  DML operations

Ø  SOQl Governing limit

Ø  DML governing limit

Ø  DML on No. of records

Schedule Apex

Ø  Implementing Schedule Apex

Ø  Governing Limits


          1. Trigger Events

          2. Trigger Context variables

          3. Insert Triggers

 1. Trigger. New in before insert and af

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Salesforce Online Training

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