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Course description

Rainbow Training Institute Offering Oracle Taleo Online Training with Fusion advance versions . In this training we will cover both Recruiting and Onboarding.

Rainbow Taleo training will help you develop an in depth of understanding of how to make Taleo Recruiting Center and on boarding Configuration work for your business.

Course Content

1.Configuration Overview


Ø  Log in to Configuration                   

Ø  Navigate Central and Specific Configuration Menus                          

Ø  Locate General Configuration Settings                    

Ø  Configure the Welcome Center                  

Ø  Configure the Release Notes       


2.Organization Management


Ø  Define Organizations, Locations and Job Fields                    

Ø  Access Smart Org Administration                               

Ø  Work with Organizations, Locations and Job Fields                             

Ø  Modify Operation Mode               


3.User Management


Ø  Define User Types                            

Ø  Define Functional Domains                           

Ø  Assign User Permissions                

Ø  Create User Accounts     


4.Group Management


Ø  Describe Groups                               

Ø  Create Groups                   

Ø  Add users to Groups                       

Ø  Set Personal Coverage Area


5.Central Configuration Security


Ø  Identify User Account and Password Security Settings                     

Ø  Locate Security Related Message Templates                        

Ø  Define Legal Agreements              


6.Taleo Recruiting


Ø  Requisition Management                              

Ø  Requisition Creation                        

Ø  Requisition Approval                       

Ø  Requisition Posting                          

Ø  Ownership & Collaboration                          

Ø  Requisition Search                            

Ø  Pre screening & Disqualification Questions                            

Ø  Posting & Sourcing                           

Ø  Internal & External Career Section                            

Ø  Candidate Search                              

Ø  Candidate Management                

Ø  Candidate Creation                          

Ø  Move Candidates  through the Selection Workflow                          

Ø  Agents, Agencies                              

Ø  Employee Referral                           

Ø  Job Boards (Naukri, LinkedIn, Monster)                  

Ø  Make Offers and Hire Candidates              


7.Taleo On Boarding


Ø  Introduction to Taleo On boarding                            

Ø  Taleo On boarding Concepts                        

Ø  Process                 

Ø  New Hire                              

Ø  Advanced E-offer                             

Ø  Off boarding                       

Ø  Transition Center                              

Ø  Managing Tasks                 

Ø  Candidate                            

Ø  Recruitment Team                           

Ø  IT Team                 

Ø  Candidate Management                

Ø  New Hire Forms                

Ø  Candidate Welcome                        

Ø  Notification & Reminders                              

Ø  Coordinating between different teams                   

Course audience

Oracle  Taleo Online Training

Trainig Hours

Daily batch 6.30 to 8 Am IST (Monday to Friday )

Daily batch 8.30 to 10 Am IST (Monday to Friday )

 weekend Batch 6 to 9 Pm IST (Saturday and Sunday)

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