Oracle Fusion Procurement Self-Based Training






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Course description

Oracle Fusion Procurement Self-Based Training

Course Content

Procurement Application Overview 

Ø  Explain Procurement architecture and components

Ø  Explain simplified Procure to Pay flow

Ø  Explain Procurement applications integration

Fusion Functional Set Up Manager 

Ø  Explain the Application implementation lifecycle

Ø  Explain Functional Set Up Enterprise Roles

Ø  Plan an implementation

Ø  Configure offerings

Ø  Generate Set Up Task lists, Offerings, and Options

Ø  Assign Tasks to users

Ø  Manage implementation projects

Common Applications for Procurement 

Ø  Explain Enterprise Structures

Ø  Configure Applications security, Job roles, Duty roles, and Privileges

Ø  Create Business Units, common Payables, Procurement options, and Approval Management for Procurement

Common Procurement 

Ø  Manage Supplier configuration and Supplier site assignment

Ø  Define Payment Terms, UOM, Carriers, and Hazard Clauses

Ø  Define a Supplier Business classification lookup, Supplier Products, and the Services hierarchy

Ø  Create Freight Lookups, purchasing profile options, and Approved Supplier List statuses


Ø  Define Purchase Document Configuration and Document Styles

Ø  Define Business Unit Function configuration, Configure Procurement Business Unit, Document types, Change Order template

Ø  Define Receiving Parameters for Purchasing

Ø  Create Line Types and Change Orders, and assign Procurement agents

Ø  Set up Budgetary Control and Encumbrance accounting 

Ø  Set up Financial Orchestration Flow driven Procurement

Ø  Set up Procurement of Consigned Inventory from Supplier

Self Service Procurement

Ø  Explain Self Service Procurement

Ø  Manage Profile Options, Catalog categories, Content Maps, and configure Requisitioning Business Functions

Ø  Create Public Shopping Lists, Smart Forms, Catalog-Category Hierarchies, Templates and Punch Out 

Ø  Configure Requisition approvals

Supplier Portal

Ø  Explain objectives, Portal Setup, and maintenance

Ø  Create Portal Registration, Supplier Provisioning, and Default Roles

Ø  Explain Supplier business classification, internal and external supplier registrations


Ø  Explain Sourcing configuration objectives

Ø  Use Negotiation styles and Templates

Ø  Create Cost Factors, Attribute lists, Negotiation lookups, and Negotiation lists

Ø  Configure Negotiation and Award Approval, Surrogate Bidding, Online Message, Notification Summary, and two-stage RFQ

Ø  Explain how Supplier Qualification requirements can be captured during negotiations

Reporting and Business Intelligence for Procurement

Ø  Explain Reporting and Business Intelligence for Procurement

Ø  Configure OTBI , RTF Templates for POs, PRs, Dashboard metrics, and graphs in Purchasing work areas and Sourcing

Supplier Qualification Management (SQM)


Ø  Configure SQM and create Questions, Qualification Areas, and Models

Ø  Set up SQM Processes and manage Transactions, including Initiatives, Responses, Evaluation of Assessments, and Qualifications

Procurement Contract

Ø  Configure a Contract Terms Library

Ø  Create Contract Terms, Procurement Contract, Approvals, and Contract Fulfillment

Course audience

Oracle Fusion Procurement Self-Based Training

Trainig Hours

Oracle Fusion Procurement Self-Based Training

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