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Oracle Fusion PPM Online Training

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Course description

Rainbow Training Institute Offering Oracle Fusion Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Online training on Fusion Applications Advance releases Oracle Fusion PPM training we will cover both Functional and technical topics. Rainbow provide Oracle Fusion PPM Class Room Training and Oracle Fusion PPM Online Training.


Oracle PPM Cloud offers a complete solution for organizations of all sizes—from project financials, contracts, and billing to project management—to project resource, task, and grants management.

Course Content

Initial Users

Run User and Roles Synchronization Process

Manage Applications Security Preferences

Import Users and Roles into Application Security

Import User Login History

Create Implementation Users

Create Data Role for Implementation Users

Enterprise Profile

Establish Enterprise Structures

Manage Reference Data Sets

Manage Set Assignments for Set Determinant Type

Manage Reference Data Set Data Access for Users

Manage Geographies

Manage File Import Objects

Manage File Import Mappings

Manage File Import Activities

Load Geography Interface Data

Run Geography Loader

Run Maintain Geography Name Referencing

Run Geocode Generation

Manage Geography Lookups

Manage Locations

Manage Enterprise HCM Information

Legal Structures

Manage Legal Jurisdictions

Manage Legal Addresses

Manage Legal Entity

Manage Legal Entity Registrations

Manage Intercompany Exceptions

Manage Legislative Data Groups

Manage Legal Entity HCM Information

Financial Reporting Structures

Manage Currencies

Manage Conversion Rate Types

Manage Daily Rates

Manage Chart of Accounts Value Sets

Manage Chart of Accounts Structures

Manage Chart of Accounts Structure Instances

Manage Chart of Accounts Value Set Values

Manage Accounting Calendars

Manage Primary Ledgers

Assign Legal Entities

Specify Ledger Options

Assign Balancing Segment Values to Legal Entities

Assign Balancing Segment Values to Ledger

Review and Submit Accounting Configuration

Organization Structures

Manage Business Unit

Assign Business Unit Business Function

Manage Business Unit Data Access for Users

Manage Business Unit Set Assignment

Manage Common CRM Business Unit Profile Options


Workforce Structures

Manage Divisions

Manage Departments

Manage Department Trees

Manage Job

Manage Organization Trees

Project Organizations

Manage Project Unit Organizations

Manage Project Unit Options

Manage Project Unit Set Assignments

Manage Project Organization Classifications

Manage Organization Hierarchies and Classifications

Verify Default Asset Book Setup

Configure Project Accounting Business Function

Submit Process to Maintain Project Organizations

Manage Project Organization Classifications Data Access for Users

Users and Security

Manage Job Roles

Manage Duties

Manage Data Security Policies

Manage Data Role and Security Profiles

Manage HCM Role Provisioning Rules

Import Worker Users

Manage Users

Manage Data Access for Users

Project Foundation

Manage Project Foundation Value Sets

Manage Project Foundation Descriptive Flexfields

Manage Project Foundation Messages

Manage Project Foundation Attachment Categories

Manage Accounting Calendars

Manage Accounting Periods for Project Financial Management

Manage Project Accounting Periods

Manage Units of Measure

Manage Revenue Categories

Manage Expenditure Categories

Manage Expenditure Types

Manage Project Class Categories

Manage Service Types

Manage Work Types

Submit Process to Update Work Types

Manage Project Statuses

Manage Project Priority Values

Manage Project Note Type

Manage Project Note Type Mapping

Manage Project Note Descriptive Flexfields

Manage Oracle Social Network Objects for Project Foundation

Manage Project Roles

Require Task Managers to be Project Team Members

Manage Resource Classes

Manage Job Mappings

Allow People with Future Effective Start Dates as Project Members

Specify Number of Days to Display People with Terminated Assignments

Manage Nonlabor Resources

Manage Rate Schedules

Manage Labor Costing Multipliers

Manage Labor Costing Rules

Manage Labor Costing Overrides

Configure Project Accounting Business Function: Overtime Calculation Indicator

Manage Organization Costing Rules

Manage Planning and Billing Resource Breakdown Structures

Manage Reporting Resource Breakdown Structures

Submit Process to Refresh Resource Breakdown Structure Element Names

Manage Project Types

Manage Source Applications

Manage Action Controls

Distribute and Install Desktop Integrator Client

Manage Project Templates


Manage Burden Cost Base Types

Manage Burden Cost Bases

Manage Burden Cost Codes

Manage Burden Structures

Manage Burden Schedules

Submit Process to Build New Organization Burden Multipliers

Manage Project Types: Burdening Options

Manage Project Statuses: Burden Transaction Creation Status Control

Project Control

Manage Project Control Value Sets

Manage Project Control Descriptive Flex fields

Manage Project Control Messages

Manage Project Control Attachment Categories

Manage Period Profiles

Manage Spread Curves

Manage Resource Classes: Spread Curves

Manage Financial Plan Types

Manage Project Plan Types

Project Costing Base

Manage Project Costing Value Sets

Manage Project Costing Descriptive Flexfields

Manage Project Costing Messages

Manage Project Costing Attachment Categories

Manage Project Transaction Sources

Derive Billable Status of Expenditure Items from Work Type

Derive Work Type for Project Expenditure Items

Specify Number of Parallel Import and Process Cost Programs

Specify Allocation Method for Zero-Basis Amounts

Manage Project Standard Cost Collection Flexfield

Allow Cost Transactions with Zero Quantity as Nonbillable

Configure Project Accounting Business Function: Borrowed and Lent Options

Manage Project Transaction Sources: Cross-Charge Indicator

Manage Transfer Price Rules

Manage Transfer Price Schedules

Capital Projects

Verify Default Asset Book Setup

Manage Standard Unit Costs

Manage Expenditure Types: Proceeds of Sale Indicator

Manage Project Types: Capitalization Options

Manage Project Statuses: Asset Capitalization Status Control

Configure Project Accounting Business Function: Retirement Processing Indicator

Manage Capitalized Interest Rates

Manage Capitalized Interest Rate Schedules

Manage Project Types: Default Interest Rate Schedule

Manage Project Statuses: Capitalized Interest Generation Status Control

Project Contracts

Manage Document Sequence Categories

Manage Document Sequences

Manage Contract Layout Templates

Manage Contract Internal Party Contacts

Manage External Person Parties for Contracts

Manage External Organization Parties for Contracts

Manage Contract External Party Contacts

Manage Contract Customer Accounts

Manage Contract Customer Account Site Usages

Manage Contract Party Locations

Manage Contract Party Roles

Manage Contract Contact Roles

Manage Contract Role Sources

Manage Contract Line Types

Manage Contract Types

Manage Contract Hold Reasons

Manage Contract Cancellation Reasons

Manage Contract Close Reasons

Manage Contract Risks

Manage Contract Relationship Types

Manage Contract Interaction Standard Lookups

Manage Contract Note Types

Manage Contract Note Type Mappings

Specify Customer Contract Management Business Function Properties

Manage Common CRM Business Unit Profile Options

Manage Contract Line Items

Manage Contract Clause Types

Specify Contract Clause Import XML File Location

Manage Contract Standard Clauses, Templates, and Expert Rules

Project Billing Base

Manage Project Billing Value Sets

Manage Project Billing Descriptive Flexfields

Manage Project Billing Messages

Manage Project Billing Attachment Categories

Manage Project Types: Billing Indicator

Manage Work Types: Billing Indicator

Manage Event Types

Manage Rate Change Reasons

Manage Billing Cycles

Manage Invoice Formats

Manage Invoice Templates

Manage Revenue Methods

Manage Invoice Methods

Specify Unit of Measure for Invoice Lines Sent to Oracle Fusion Receivables

Specify Customer Contract Management Business Function Properties: Billing Options

Manage AutoInvoice Line Ordering Rules

Manage AutoInvoice Grouping Rules

Manage Receivables Payment Terms

Manage AutoAccounting Rules

Manage Transaction Types

Manage Transaction Sources

Internal Project Billing

Specify Customer Contract Management Business Function Properties: Internal Billing Options

Manage Project Transaction Sources: Cross-Charge Indicator

Manage Contract Types: Intercompany Billing Indicator

Manage Invoice Formats: Intercompany Billing Formats

Manage Revenue Methods: Intercompany Billing Indicator

Manage Invoice Methods: Intercompany Billing Indicator

Manage Billing Resource Breakdown Structures: Intercompany Indicator

Manage Contract Types: Interproject Billing Indicator

Manage Invoice Formats: Interproject Billing Formats

Manage Intercompany Customer Supplier Association

Manage Transfer Price Rules

Manage Transfer Price Schedules

Transaction Tax

Manage Tax Regimes

Run Jurisdiction and Rates Upload Program

Manage Taxes

Manage Tax Rates and Tax Recovery Rates

Manage Tax Rules

Manage Tax Registrations

Manage Tax Exemptions

Manage Simulator Transactions

Project Performance Reporting

Manage Project Unit Options: Performance Reporting Options

Manage Status Indicators

Manage Trend Indicators

Manage KPI Categories

Manage Performance Measures

Manage Key Performance Indicators

Manage Region Layouts

Manage Cross Project Comparison Graph Types

Specify Number of Parallel Summarization Extraction Programs

Specify Global Start Date for Summarization

Manage Project Performance Reporting Messages

Budgetary Control and Encumbrance Accounting

Manage Budgetary Control

Manage Budget Calendars

Manage Control Budgets

Manage Encumbrance Accounting

Manage Encumbrance Types

Manage General Ledger Encumbrance Carry Forward Rules

Manage Transaction Account Definitions

Manage Transaction Account Types

Manage Account Rules

Manage Mapping Sets

Manage Subledger Accounting Options

Project Accounting

Manage Mapping Sets

Manage User-Defined Formulas

Manage Account Rules

Manage Journal Line Rules

Manage Description Rules

Manage Supporting References

Import Supporting Reference Initial Balances

Manage Subledger Journal Entry Rule Sets

Manage Accounting Methods

Activate Subledger Journal Entry Rule Set Assignments

Manage Subledger Accounting Options

Manage Subledger Application Transaction Objects

Manage Subledger Accounting Profile Options

Transactional Business Intelligence

Optimize Transactional Business Intelligence Repository

Manage Transactional Business Intelligence Connections

Manage Security for Transactional Business Intelligence

Import Essbase Cubes into Transactional Business Intelligence Repository for Financials General Ledger

Manage User Currency Preferences in Transactional Business Intelligence

Aggregate the Payroll Table

Configure AP Balance ID

Configure AR Adjustments

Control the Rolling Period for Storing Employee Daily Snapshot Data

Configure AR Balance ID

Configure Classification Names for Payroll

Configure Country Region, State Region, State or Region

Configure Employee Ethnic Group Codes

Configure the Make-Buy Indicator

Internal Organization Hierarchy Extraction Customization

Configure Cost Of Goods Extract

Configure Data Source Number

Set Exchange Rate Types

Set Fiscal Calendars

Set Global Currencies

Set Initial Extract Date

Configure General Ledger Account Hierarchies

Configure How GL Balances Is Populated

Configure Product Hierarchy, Master Inventory Organization and Group Accounts

Include UnApplied Payments in AR Aging Calculations

Map Transaction Type and Document Type

Specify Ledger or Set of Books

Configure Oracle Profitability Analytics Transaction Extracts

Application Extensions

Manage Task Configurations for Project Financial Management

Manage Approval Groups

Set Help Options

Assign Help Text Administration Duty

Manage Help Security Groups

Map Reports to Work Areas

Set Watchlist Options

Manage Application Toolkit Administrator Profile Values

Manage Taxonomy Hierarchy

Manage Reference Data Sets

Manage Set Assignments for Set Determinant Type

Manage Reference Data Set Data Access for Users

Manage Currencies

Manage ISO Languages

Manage Territories

Manage Languages

Manage Industries

Manage Natural Languages

Manage Time Zones

Manage Data Security Policies

Set User General Preferences

Manage Audit Policies

Manage Oracle Social Network Objects

Manage Applications Core Messages

Manage Applications Core Standard Lookups

Manage Applications Core Profile Options

Manage Applications Core Administrator Profile Values

Manage Applications Core Profile Categories

Manage Applications Core Value Sets

Manage Applications Core Descriptive Flexfields

Manage Applications Core Attachment Entities

Manage Applications Core Attachment Categories

Manage Applications Core Global Search Configurations

Manage Applications Core Global Search Suggestion Groups

Manage Applications Core Alternate Words

Migrate Enterprise Roles and Assignments to PaaS Identity Store

Manage Customization Set Migration Target Security Policy

Manage User Identity Synchronization to PaaS Identity Store

Enterprise Scheduler Jobs for Financial and Supply Chain Management and Related Applications

Deploy WebLogic Communication Services

Integrate WebLogic Communication Services with Telephony Network

Register URL for the telephony gateway or soft switch for SIP domain

Enable Click to Dial

Course audience

Oracle Fusion PPM Online Training

Trainig Hours

Daily batch 6.30 to 7.30 Am IST (Monday to Friday )

Daily batch 8  to 9 Am IST (Monday to Friday )

weekend Batch 6 to 9 Pm IST (Saturday and Sunday)

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