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Courses Oracle Fusion User Creation

                             New User Creation and Assign the Roles


When a fresh instance is provided by oracle, the administrators in client side will receive FIN_IMPL or SCM_IMPL or HCM_IMPL based on the offerings purchased by the client.

During implementation, we can use the Create User task to create test application users. By default, this task creates a minimal person record and a user account. After the implementation, ‘Hire an Employee’ task from HRMS person login can be used to create application users. The Create User task isn't recommended after implementation is complete.

Login in Oracle Apps and select Engagement Cloud Login


New Window will be displayed like below:

·         And enter the valid name and Password here I have logged in Master User which is provided by oracle. From that login we have create a new user and assign the roles.

·         A person who is having the role “IT Security Manager” that person can able to assign the roles to others.

Login Screen :

Oracle Cloud Home Screen:


To Create User Account we may follow two types of different steps:

Sign in and follow the steps from the home page

1.      Select Navigator > - My Team > - Manage Users to open the Manage Users page.

2.      In the Search Results section, click Create.


Here we need to select Tools from the Home Page and Security Console:

·         This setting will be available only a person who is having a role IT Security Administrator.

·         Setup of Roles can be done by the IT Security Administrator.

·         After login select Tools and click Security Console.

·         IT Security Administrator can only having these settings.


Roles Screen:

After select the user tab (2nd tab) we will be navigate to this screen like below:













User Accounts Screen:

·         On click of Add User Account button to add a new user to application.

Add User Account Screen:

·         Here we can enter the user information like First name, Last name, User Name and Password etc.

·         And click the Add Role button to add the role to the user.

·         For Example we can enter the role name as ‘IT Security Manager’ or ‘Employee’ and search it.

·         Choose the role and Add Role Membership button to add role to the user.

·         Once we add a role to the user then we should click Save and Close button. Then only our actions will be saved.















Add Role Membership Screen:

Here wecan addnew roles to the user. We should enter the role name and search it and select the relevant role and do select add Role Member ship button.












Here we have enter and search existing user name. And select the user name to view the roles.

If the relevant user account is already created we can get the information like this.

We can search the user account like this.















User Information Screen:

·         This screen we can able to see the roles which is assigned to the user.

·         We can manage other users when we have a role IT Security Manager.

·         If the Assignable is mentioned as YES we can assign that role to another person.

·         On click of Edit button(Top Right in the screen)  we can modify the existing roles and add new roles.











We can remove the role from the user using Delete (X) button.











On click of Down Arrow Button we have an following options below:

1.Lock Account -> To lock the User Account.

2.Reset Password-> To reset the password.

3.Delete-> Remove the user account.